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Dromex DH Leather Ankle Spat

Dromex DH Leather Ankle Spat

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More about the Dromex DH Leather Ankle Spat


  • Dromex® DH heavy duty, premium natural buffalo leather ankle protector,protects the user’s feet, ankle and footwear from the hazards of hot metal contact, slag, sparks and spatter, that falls onto the leg, generated while welding, grinding or using a cutting torch
  • The chrome leather shoe covering features two (2) tightening straps with buckles for ease of use and ensures a secure fit for various leg and shoe sizes.
  • The spat also features double lock – stitched Kelvar thread for added durability


  • Style: Premium chrome leather, ankle length spat, double stitched with adjustable straps and buckle closure
  • Fabric composition: Spat, 1.7m – 2.4 mm thick, buffalo leather
  • Ankle straps: 15mm in length ( ± 2mm thick)
  • Buckle: 30mm x 30mm, nylon
  • Thread: Kevlar

Suitable For Use In

  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Carpentry