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Pioneer TIG Machine 200A HF Pulse (220v)

Pioneer TIG Machine 200A HF Pulse (220v)

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More about the Pioneer TIG Machine 200A HF Pulse (220v)


  • PRO - TIG 200A PULSE HIGH FREQUENCY ( 220V) ( with 8M PRO26 torch )
  • Single phase IGBT TIG Pulse
  • TIG and DC MMA, fan cooled, Power Indicator, Thermal protection
  • Digital Display, Stepless current setting
  • Gas post flow / Pre flow . 2T / 4T
  • Pulse frequency adjustment , pulse current ,width adjustment
  • Slop UP - Slop DOWN , Clean area Adjustment
  • Weight 20 kg


  • 4m WP-26 TIG TORCH with 2pin plug and 35-70 quick connector
  • 3m 16mm2 Earth cable with 35-70 quick connector and 300A Earth clamp
  • Φ8 Gas hose with 9-16 clamp
  • Small accessories